Fixed Layout or not?

Learn how to spot books that are suitable for fixed layout production

Fixed-layout e-books give content creators greater control over presentation. Yet this format is a quite controversial topic. Some people believe that e-books should always adapt their layout to the e-reader's screen size, and the user-specific settings. That certainly is the ideal case. But for a lot of books, the presentation is part of the art. Not all books are made equal. Find out what books lend themselves best for fixed-layout EPUB 3 production.

Setup Acrobat Page Display!

Learn how to setup Acrobat to show Facing Pages in the right order

The PDF for conversion needs to have single pages. But the converted EPUB3 document will usually show synthetically assembled double page spreads in landscape view. It is helpfull to setup Acrobat to mimic the display of double page spreads as it will be after conversion. The first page (cover) will be shown as single page and the subsequent pages will aper in same order as on the E-Book reader after conversion.